Your set consists of 8 strips of different width. For the best result, divide the strips over your head as follows:

• 2 strips of 20cm wide with 3 clips, for the top of the hair

• 2 strips of 15cm wide with 3 clips, for the back of the hair

• 2 strips of 10cm wide with 2 clips, for the sides of the hair

• 2 strips of 5cm wide with 1 clip, for the front
For example, if you want to raise your hair with your clip in extensions, you can omit certain strips. When you have thinner hair you will have to place the strips lower so that the extensions are not visible. Our seamless clip in extensions are ideal for people with thinning hair, the strips have no thick board but a flat, lace edge and thanks to the small clips in the same color as the hair you do not have to worry, nobody will notice that you wear extensions.

Inserting your clip in hair extensions takes about 10 minutes. The more often you do it, the faster the insertion will go.

How to insert clip in extensions

Hoe clip in extensions inbrengen

Step 1: make sure that your hair is styled like the extensions or curl your hair afterwards with the extensions. So there will soon be no difference between the extensions and your own hair. Then make a separation in your hair with your fingers or with a comb. Always keep an inch away from the hairline so that you can raise your hair without the extensions becoming visible.

Step 2: clip the first strip in the area underneath the part, as close as possible to the scalp. Make a new separation approximately one centimeter above the previous separation and clip the next strip.

Step 3: place the widest strips on the widest part of your head, above the ears.

Step 4: make a separation on the sides and clip the strips with 2 clips.

Step 5: place the strips with 1 clip as high as possible, make sure that there is enough hair over it.

For extra hold and volume you can tease your hair at the start (against the growth direction in combs). After inserting your extensions, brush your hair so that you blend the extensions with your own hair.


Extensions do not have to be washed as often as your own hair, because this hair does not become fat. Only if they become fluffy or dirty due to styling products, for example, should they be washed. After wearing 6-8 times it may be necessary to wash the extensions. Use a mild and nourishing shampoo for this.
  • Brush the extensions well before washing with a special brush for extensions.
  • Hold the strip by the clips and let lukewarm water flow over the hair.
  • Now apply a small amount of shampoo that you massage in the hair from the clips downwards.
  • Rinse the shampoo and squeeze out the water. Do not wring!
  • Now apply the conditioner and let it work for a few minutes. Then rinse.
  • Dab the extensions dry with a towel. Do not roll them up in the towel.
  • Brush the hair well, from bottom to top.
  • It is recommended to let the extensions dry automatically, if you do use a hairdryer then put on the lowest setting (cold air).
  • Store the extensions with the clips closed to prevent them from sticking together.
  • Always use a heat-resistant serum before getting extensions or curls.

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