Clip in ponytail

Clip in ponytail of 50cm long, available in 10 colors.

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This clip in ponytail is made from top quality European Remy hair. The clip in ponytail can be treated like your own hair: curling, blow-dry, dyeing, anything is possible. The insertion is very easy: there's a clip, which you slide over your own tail, and a ribbon in which you make a bow.

Wear the clip in ponytail high for a sporty look or a little lower for a chic look. A clip in ponytail is also the ideal starting point for a braid, a bun or an updo.

Available in the following colors:
Black, Dark brown, Chocolate brown, Wine red, Medium brown, Light brown, Medium blond, Platinum blonde, Blond mix and Blond / brown mix.

Length: 50cm.

Doubts about the color? Request free color advice.

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Beau - 29-07-2017 17:32

Ik heb deze clip in ponytail besteld omdat na mijn zwangerschap mijn haar heel dun was geworden. Daardoor droeg ik mijn haar altijd in een staart en met deze ponytail valt het niemand op hoe dun mijn haar was geworden.

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