Golden blonde

Clip in hairextensions set 180 grams in the color golden blonde (#27).


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Golden blonde or Venetian blonde is a warm, honey blonde hair color. Few people have this hair color naturally but anyone with fair skin and / or freckles will look great with golden blonde. Well-known women with golden blonde hair are Nicole Kidman and Cynthia Nixon.

With a set of gold-blonde clip in extensions of 180 grams you get the long, full locks that you have always dreamed of. This set of clip in extensions in the color Goudblond (# 27) consists of 8 strips of different width:

• 2 DOUBLE strips of 20 cm wide with 3 clips, for the top of the hair
• 2 DOUBLE strips of 15 cm wide with 3 clips, for the back of the hair
• 2 DOUBLE strips of 10 cm wide with 2 clips, for the sides of the hair
• 2 DOUBLE strips of 5 cm wide with 1 clip for the front

All our extensions are made from European remy human hair and colored with a multi-tone color for the most natural result possible.
Do you have any questions about these extensions or would you like personal color advice? Mail to

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