Purple toner | What is purple toner and how does it work?

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You've probably seen it with someone before: hair that should have been blonde but turned yellow or orange. At the hairdresser, such a thing is expertly solved with a purple toner, but you can also get started with a toner at home. In this article, you can read what exactly a toner is and how it works to remove the yellow glow from your hair.

purple toner

Toner or hairdye?

For a start, it is important to know that a toner is not the same as hair dye. With hair dye you can go from light to dark and from dark to light, with a toner you can not. A toner only works on blond hair. That can be bleached hair, but also natural blonde hair.

Think of a toner as a wood stain: it penetrates the wood and overlays it with a colored film while the wood texture remains visible. Paint, on the other hand, lays a thick layer and leaves nothing of the structure visible. With a toner your hair stays blond but the warm tones are neutralized.

How does yellow or orange hair develop?

During decolorization, the pigment is removed from your hair, which proceeds in stages. Depending on how dark your natural hair color is, we will have red, orange and yellow undertones. With decolorization alone you always end up with one of these colors. Only when the hair has been discolored to yellow or light orange can we dye the blonde. If you choose a cool color such as ash blonde, the hairdresser will use a purple toner to neutralize the yellow tones.

After a few weeks, the toner disappears and the warm undertone reappears. At this point, you can use a toner yourself to remove the warm tones again.

How does purple toner work?

You use a (purple) toner such as the Wella Color Charm T18 toner together with 6% hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide opens the hair cuticles so that the purple color can penetrate the hair. You will see your hair turn very dark purple during this process. After 30 minutes, rinse the toner from your hair and you should now have a cool or neutral blonde color.

With silver shampoo you can now keep track of the color. Silver shampoo always puts a purple film on the hair, which lasts only a few days. Compare it with a green concealer that you apply over redness on your face, after a few hours the concealer disappears and the redness reappears.

Purple toner is the best known toner, but there are also green or blue toners. Green is used to neutralize a red undertone and blue is used to neutralize orange.

paarse toner

Is toning your hair harmful?

Toning healthy hair is not harmful in itself because only a small percentage of developer is used, but the bleaching process that preceded it may have made your hair porous, especially if you went from dark to light. Hairdressers therefore often use Olaplex, which is a product that restores the sulfur compounds in your hair. It does not lay a protective layer over your hair like conditioners or hair masks do, but it really penetrates your hair and repairs damage there by chemical treatments or by the hair straightener.

You can also use Olaplex at home to keep or restore your hair healthy after decolorization and in between dyeing. Even if you want to go from dark to blonde soon, it is wise to start with Olaplex so that your hair will suffer less during the bleaching process.

Would you like to know which toner is right for you? In this article I will discuss which of the Wella Color Charm toners you need if you have light blonde, dark blonde or golden blonde hair.

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5 reasons why your at home hair color can go wrong
These are the hair color trends of spring and summer 2020

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Last winter we saw a nice mix between natural hair colors such as chestnut brown and more daring colors such as Toasted Coconut. What hair color trends will the spring and summer of 2020 bring us? Cool, warm, natural or anything but? Get ready for the comeback of the dip dye.

haircolor trends 2020

Caramel highlights

A few years ago, the "caramel highlights" trend broke through, a mix of warm caramel-colored highlights on a natural brown base. This trend does not seem to come to an end yet, this spring it will remain a popular color. Caramel highlights is a color that can be used all year round, although the highlights may become lighter in the summer.

haircolor trends 2020

Iced Mocha

A hair color that requires few touch-ups, that is what we are constantly asking about at the hairdresser. Iced Mocha is a hair color that is composed in such a way that updating is hardly necessary. You can easily let this color grow out all summer without your hair looking unkempt. Prevent your blonde points from turning yellow by occasionally using a sachet of Malibu C Blondes crystals that will restore your original blonde color.

haircolor trends 2020

Dip dye

The dip dye trend, about 5 years ago you could not ignore it. Then the trend slowly faded and we switched to balayage, but recently Demi Lovato revived the dip dye. Demi only colored the lower centimeters of her hair in a bright color and that example is now well-received on Instagram.

Een bericht gedeeld door Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) op

Silver blonde

Another trend that has been around for years is the silver-gray hair color. But for many people, silver gray is far from their natural hair color, even with blondes. That is why silver blonde is becoming a trend this year: your basic color is ash blonde or dark blonde but with silver blonde accents. The whole looks very natural while it still looks a lot softer than a full gray coupe. But here it is true that a silver blonde toner is indispensable to freshen up your color in the meantime.

haircolor trends 2020


Lilac hair already broke through last year and this year we will see this flashy hair color more and more in the streets. You can go all over lilac but lilac can also be nicely combined with this year's other trends: with silver blonde or as a dip dye with only a touch of purple in your points. For lilac hair even more so than for all other colors, brassy, ​​yellow undertones are undesirable. A no-yellow shampoo and purple hair mask are therefore indispensable.

haircolor trends 2020

Some popular hair colors from last winter will certainly also remain trendy this spring, think of chestnut brown and shadow roots.

What will be your favorite hair color this spring?

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Want a new hairdo without a cut? 5 makeovers without cutting

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Long hair is beautiful and super feminine, but it can sometimes become a bit monotonous if you have been walking around with the same hairstyle for years. Sometimes you feel like putting the scissors in and going for a fresh, short cup, but on the other hand you know that there is a good chance that you will miss your long locks.

For anyone with long hair who wants a different hair style without losing tens of centimeters in length, today I have 5 makeovers for long hair without cutting.

hair makeover without cutting


An easy way to change something about your hairstyle without it actually getting shorter is to have layers cut. Layers provide a playful effect and they also create more volume. Moreover, they do not require extra care and do not need to be trimmed often.

hair makeover for long hair


If you really don't want to lose any length then you can also start playing with color. A balayage is a free hand technique, so the hairdresser will apply color by hand a few centimeters from the scalp downwards. So you keep your own hair color around your face while the lengths become a lot lighter.

hair makeover for long hair


If you really want a fresh haircut that looks very natural, you can also go for baby lights. These are very thin highlights that blend perfectly with your own hair color. Babylights bring depth to your hair, so your hair immediately seems a lot fuller.

Go to a hairdresser who knows how to do it because babyights last a long time and are applied very precisely, close to the roots of the hair so that your face is beautifully framed. You do not want quickly painted, centimeters wide and streaky highlights. Babylights also need to be updated a bit more often than balayage, and toners are often used to avoid yellow or orange undertones.

hair makeover without cutting


Do you normally have straight or slightly wavy hair and would you like to try curls, then you can get started with a curling iron or hot rollers. Or go for the new spiral rods, they will give you fine spiral curls without damaging your hair.

Curls immediately make you look completely different and the length of your hair doesn't have to change, although it will look a little shorter with curls.

hair makeover for long hair


The most drastic change without cutting your hair shorter is having a bang cut. You can start with a long slanting fringe and see how it looks. You can later cut it shorter or make it into a straight fringe.

With a pony you immediately look completely different, but keep in mind that it will often have to be trimmed and that it will take a long time before it has grown back if you do not like it.

If you want to try a bang without having to cut your hair straight away, you can also consider clip in bangs.

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5 reasons why you need a toner for your hair

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Toners, the hairdresser always uses one after he has dyed your hair lighter. Even if you do not go for a full blonde coupe but for example a balayage, ombre or baby lights, a toner is indispensable. But why actually? These are the 5 reasons why you need a toner.

waarom haar toner gebruiken

A toner really finishes your haircolor

A toner is used by 90% of customers who have their hair dyed lighter at the salon. This is because a toner is the most important step in the coloring process. For example, when we start bleaching the hair, the pigment is removed. What remains is a light yellow to bright orange hair color. With a toner you bring the desired color into the hair: ash blonde, beige blonde or silver. By adding those cool colors, warm tones such as yellow and orange disappear.

A toner for shadow roots

Shadow roots are so trendy at the moment. It is even more the rule than the exception to create a kind of natural shade for blonde-colored hair. We want to achieve a very subtle effect, especially with very fine highlights such as babylights, and that works better with a toner than with hair dye. The stylist will often mix 2 or more toners to create the ideal shadow roots.

Toners add shine

After bleaching the hair, your hair is always a bit porous. That's because your hair naturally has a PH value of about 5, which is pretty acidic. Hydrogen peroxide, which is mixed with bleaching powder, is rather alkaline so that the hair scales open and your hair becomes lighter. A toner then has an acidic PH so that the hair scales close again and your hair gets a nice shine.

Toner softens the colors

With balayage or highlights you highlight certain parts of the hair. Certainly if foil is used, the contrast can be very large and highlights can quickly become a bit streaky. With a toner you soften those contrasts and let the bleached and non-bleached parts of your hair flow together nicely.

Toners remove the green tones after swimming

Blondes who often swim in chlorinated water have certainly experienced that the hair had a green appearance. There are a number of home remedies that help to remove the green glow in the hair but you get the best result with a toner. You should opt for a beige toner and avoid the ash colors. With a toner you protect your hair against discoloration, useful for when you go on vacation.

Do you have questions about toning your hair? Send me an email: info@clipextensions.be

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