Want a new hairdo without a cut? 5 makeovers without cutting

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Long hair is beautiful and super feminine, but it can sometimes become a bit monotonous if you have been walking around with the same hairstyle for years. Sometimes you feel like putting the scissors in and going for a fresh, short cup, but on the other hand you know that there is a good chance that you will miss your long locks.

For anyone with long hair who wants a different hair style without losing tens of centimeters in length, today I have 5 makeovers for long hair without cutting.

hair makeover without cutting


An easy way to change something about your hairstyle without it actually getting shorter is to have layers cut. Layers provide a playful effect and they also create more volume. Moreover, they do not require extra care and do not need to be trimmed often.

hair makeover for long hair


If you really don't want to lose any length then you can also start playing with color. A balayage is a free hand technique, so the hairdresser will apply color by hand a few centimeters from the scalp downwards. So you keep your own hair color around your face while the lengths become a lot lighter.

hair makeover for long hair


If you really want a fresh haircut that looks very natural, you can also go for baby lights. These are very thin highlights that blend perfectly with your own hair color. Babylights bring depth to your hair, so your hair immediately seems a lot fuller.

Go to a hairdresser who knows how to do it because babyights last a long time and are applied very precisely, close to the roots of the hair so that your face is beautifully framed. You do not want quickly painted, centimeters wide and streaky highlights. Babylights also need to be updated a bit more often than balayage, and toners are often used to avoid yellow or orange undertones.

hair makeover without cutting


Do you normally have straight or slightly wavy hair and would you like to try curls, then you can get started with a curling iron or hot rollers. Or go for the new spiral rods, they will give you fine spiral curls without damaging your hair.

Curls immediately make you look completely different and the length of your hair doesn't have to change, although it will look a little shorter with curls.

hair makeover for long hair


The most drastic change without cutting your hair shorter is having a bang cut. You can start with a long slanting fringe and see how it looks. You can later cut it shorter or make it into a straight fringe.

With a pony you immediately look completely different, but keep in mind that it will often have to be trimmed and that it will take a long time before it has grown back if you do not like it.

If you want to try a bang without having to cut your hair straight away, you can also consider clip in bangs.

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5 reasons why you need a toner for your hair

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Toners, the hairdresser always uses one after he has dyed your hair lighter. Even if you do not go for a full blonde coupe but for example a balayage, ombre or baby lights, a toner is indispensable. But why actually? These are the 5 reasons why you need a toner.

waarom haar toner gebruiken

A toner really finishes your haircolor

A toner is used by 90% of customers who have their hair dyed lighter at the salon. This is because a toner is the most important step in the coloring process. For example, when we start bleaching the hair, the pigment is removed. What remains is a light yellow to bright orange hair color. With a toner you bring the desired color into the hair: ash blonde, beige blonde or silver. By adding those cool colors, warm tones such as yellow and orange disappear.

A toner for shadow roots

Shadow roots are so trendy at the moment. It is even more the rule than the exception to create a kind of natural shade for blonde-colored hair. We want to achieve a very subtle effect, especially with very fine highlights such as babylights, and that works better with a toner than with hair dye. The stylist will often mix 2 or more toners to create the ideal shadow roots.

Toners add shine

After bleaching the hair, your hair is always a bit porous. That's because your hair naturally has a PH value of about 5, which is pretty acidic. Hydrogen peroxide, which is mixed with bleaching powder, is rather alkaline so that the hair scales open and your hair becomes lighter. A toner then has an acidic PH so that the hair scales close again and your hair gets a nice shine.

Toner softens the colors

With balayage or highlights you highlight certain parts of the hair. Certainly if foil is used, the contrast can be very large and highlights can quickly become a bit streaky. With a toner you soften those contrasts and let the bleached and non-bleached parts of your hair flow together nicely.

Toners remove the green tones after swimming

Blondes who often swim in chlorinated water have certainly experienced that the hair had a green appearance. There are a number of home remedies that help to remove the green glow in the hair but you get the best result with a toner. You should opt for a beige toner and avoid the ash colors. With a toner you protect your hair against discoloration, useful for when you go on vacation.

Do you have questions about toning your hair? Send me an email: info@clipextensions.be

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Haircolor trends winter 2019 | Mushroom Brown & Toasted Coconut

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Warme koperkleuren en kastanjebruin, dat zijn kleuren waar je eigenlijk nooit wat verkeerd mee kan doen in de aanloop naar de winter. Maar elk jaar zien we toch enkele opvallende trends, kleuren die echt hip en trendy zijn dit jaar en wellicht volgend jaar weer verdwenen zijn. Benieuwd naar de haarkleur trends van winter 2019?

haarkleur trends winter 2019

Golden Caramel

Caramel highlights of een balayage met karamelkleuren, wie houdt er niet van? Trendsetter Kate Middleton zwichtte onlangs voor deze haarkleur en ze kreeg er meteen een nog warmere uitstraling door. Golden caramel is de ideale kleur om toch een zomers accent te bewaren tijdens de koude wintermaanden.

haarkleur trends winter 2019

Mushroom Brown

Een koele aardekleur als basis met koele askleurige highlights, vooral in de punten van het haar. Mushroom brown verovert Instagram al sinds eind deze zomer en nu gaan we deze haarkleur ook meer en meer in het straatbeeld zien. Heb je al highlights? Ga dan voor deze koele make-over.

haarkleuren winter 2019


Hoe standaard deze kleur misschien ook is, elk najaar laten veel vrouwen hun haar kastanjebruin verven door de kapper. Voor mensen met natuurlijk donkerbruin of zwart haar is kastanjebruin een subtiele verandering zonder dat je haar echt ontkleurd hoeft te worden.

haarkleur winter 2019

Toasted Coconut

Een hippe kleur met een al even hippe naam: Toasted Coconut, you hate it or you love it. Koel, ijsblond in de punten en donker asbruin bij de aanzet, de kans is groot dat je deze haarkleur steeds vaker zal gaan zien deze winter.

haarkleur winter 2019

Icy Platinum

Icy platinum, al dan niet met dark roots, is al een hele tijd een populaire haarkeur en ook deze winter blijft dat zo. Misschien komt het wel doordat deze kleur de perfecte basis is voor lilapaars, roze of een andere trendkleur. Kijk maar naar Lady Gaga die constant switcht tussen roze en platinablond.

Ga je voor warm, koel of neutraal deze winter? Bekijk zeker eens onze zilveren, beige en asblonde Wella Color Charm toners. Heb je vragen over de toners? Aarzel dan niet om mij te contacteren via info@clipextensions.be

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How to blend clip in extensions with short hair | 3 easy tricks

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With the help of extensions you can turn short hair into a beautiful princess haircut in no time. Nothing stops you from occasionally exchanging your bob hairstyle for long curls or a casual fishtail braid. But those short tufts that occasionally come squeaking through that long hair, what do you do with that? With these 3 tricks you can hide short picking so that nobody will see that you are wearing extensions.

extensions with short hair

The first and easiest way to avoid short tufts is to secure the bottom layer of your hair in braids and to secure those braids with bobbypins. Then you attach your clip in extensions. Leave enough hair on top of course to be able to hide the extensions properly.

extensions in short hair

Another trick is to first place the clip in extensions in your hair and then pick out the short tufts. If you put this braid and then under the rest of your hair with a bobbypin you will not see it anymore. In the video below you can see that this is a very good solution for eliminating shorter tufts.

It goes without saying that short tufts are more noticeable in blond hair than in dark hair and that by curling your hair and your extensions you can ensure that everything blends nicely together. But you really can't ignore it, the real trick for blending your extensions perfectly is layered. With layers in your extensions you soften the hard transition between your own hair and your extensions. This is how your extensions look completely natural, even with straight hair.

You can have your extensions cut at the hairdresser's, but you can also get started yourself. This video perfectly explains how you can cut your extensions yourself in layers. The result is really amazing.

Hopefully you got something out of these tips. Do you have a tip yourself? Then certainly leave it in the comments.

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Hair color not equal? Then your hair is too porous. This is how you fix it!

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hair color not equal

After dyeing your hair it can happen that your hair color is not equal. This can have various causes. For example, you may have forgotten to paint certain parts of your hair or perhaps your hair color was not completely even before coloring. Scraps of wax or other oil-containing products can also seriously kill your hair color. But there is something else that can cause your hair color to be uneven: too high a porosity.

You can recognize porous hair because it feels rough and dries quickly after you have washed it. That is because the hair scales remain open continuously, so that the hair absorbs everything: water, conditioner and hair dye. But because the hair scales remain open, the moisture present (or the hair color present) is quickly lost again.

Porous hair absorbs hair dye so that the color will often be more present in the dry parts than in the rest of your hair. Often the tips are the most porous but with people with curly hair, almost the entire hair can suffer from a too high porosity. Those who care for the hair via the Curly Girl method know that highly porous hair needs protein to make it manageable. We can also use the same proteins to obtain a uniform hair color.

What we need to achieve an even hair color is a porosity equalizer. This is a filler that saturates the porous parts of the hair with proteins so that the color is uniformly absorbed everywhere, resulting in an even hair color. Porosity equalizers are not really known here, but in America you can buy these products in any drugstore. We have very good experiences with the porosity equalizer from Joico, the Liquid Protein Chemical Perfector. You apply this spray to towel-dried hair before applying the paint. Let this soak in for 20 minutes and then paint your hair as usual.

Porous hair also ensures that your new hair color disappears faster, which is why there are after color treatments such as the Wella Color Save Emulsion. You use this product immediately after coloring after you have rinsed the paint with water from your hair. It is therefore used instead of a shampoo because with shampoo you were actually the newly applied color largely gone again. Pre-treatment in the form of a porosity equalizer and a post-treatment are therefore essential for a perfect color that you perform at home.

Do you have any questions about coloring your hair at home? Feel free to mail to info@clipextensions.be

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